About Us

GenuineGamers.com is an online gaming website developed by gamers for gamers.

The Genuine Gamer Team

Our team consists of people who are gaming enthusiasts first and foremost and who have a wide range of experiences from throughout the industry. Many are gaming journalists who cut their teeth at other online publications, and others have experience working with development studios, publishers, tradeshows and much more. The diversity of our team is one of our greatest assets and allows us to deliver you the kind of amazing gaming content you want on a consistent basis.

A Genuine and Personalized Experience

We set out from the beginning to let our visitors set the narrative for our site. It’s in our name, and it’s why we offer a customize homepage. If you’re not a mobile gamer, then add Android and iOS to your personal filters, and you won’t see that kind of content unless you go looking for it. Big fan of games like Civilization VI? Set PC strategy games as a focal point in your settings, and we’ll make sure content related to that genre is front and center for you. This kind of personalization works on an individual level but also provides us with a high-level view of what our community cares about and what it doesn’t.

A Focus on Gaming

Our focus is and will always be on gaming. We cover the games you love and the hardware that makes the magic happen. If you want to know what we think about the new Doom and what you have to look forward to with Mass Effect: Andromeda, you’ll find that information here. If you’re deciding between buying a NVidia 1070 Founder’s Edition or waiting for AIBs and for AMD to show off the R9 480, we’ll help you decide. Our team also covers the Xbox One, Nintendo NX and PlayStation 4, and we’re covering the console upgrades like the PS Neo and VR devices like Morpheus and Oculus Rift.

A Broad Range of Content

At GenuineGamer.com, we offer many different content formats, and our goal is always to choose the best format for a particular coverage. Sometimes traditional articles and editorials fit the bill, but we also share gaming content via blog posts and social media platforms like Twitter. We often include videos alongside our articles and posts, and many of our videos are simply standalone productions that require no written explanation. There’s also the Genuine Gamer podcast as well as special podcasts to enjoy, and our team has really taken to live streaming as a way of interacting with our community.

Be a Genuine Gamer!

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